For travellers looking for a consultant

Complete our request form. You can ask a local or traveller for anything and it’s free to post. Tell us how much you want to pay. As a guide we suggest $15-$20 for basic requests that take up to one hour to complete. $30-$50 for requests that take 2-3 hours to complete. $60-$100 for complex requests that take 4+ hours to complete.

Looking for consultant
Match and confirm

Match and confirm

We’ll review your request and get the best local or a traveller who has been to your location and can carry out the service. We confirm with you what you want done and the fee you’re willing to pay for the service, and if you’re happy to proceed.

Service is provided

Service is provided

We put you in contact with one of our local experts via your preferred method including skype, video call, email. You communicate as per your request.

All done

Once you’re satisfied the service has been completed, let the Mr Trippy consultant know. They will request we release your payment to them.

All done

For locals and travellers wanting to provide services

We let you make money by providing travel consulting services.

Share your local knowledge on skype $20

Advise best accommodation $10

Create a personalised itinerary $60.

Be an interpreter $15

Be a local guide $100

Provide research and quotes $40

Sign up as consultant

Sign up as a consultant

It only takes a minute. Remember to complete your profile and let everyone know what services you specialise in and how you can help travellers going to your country.

We’ll send customers your way

When we get requests for travel services in your area, we’ll contact you and brief you on the service needed and the fee to you. If you agree we’ll provide you the customers details.


Begin providing the service

Contact the customer by email, skype, or video call. Gather information and provide options to the customer. This could take several calls and emails depending on the request.

Receive payment

Once you’ve provided the service and the customer is satisfied, let us know and we’ll release the fee to your account.