About Mr Trippy

If you’re the type of person who likes to deal with socially responsible businesses, here’s a way you can do it when it comes to travel.  We’re giving the locals at your travel destination the opportunity to earn money providing travel agency style services.  By using one of our local consultants, you’ll not only take a short cut and save hours you’d normally spend researching, you’ll get insider tips only locals know. You also get this for an unbeatable price – not even in the same ball park as a retail travel agency would offer. Want to give it a try?

Mr Trippy connects you to locals and fellow travellers who are currently at or have been to your destination.  This is the new way to plan and book travel. We believe we can provide work opportunities to people in developing countries by alowing them to perform online travel services, and we know you’ll get better service here than at a retail agency based in your own town.

Travelers already know how to book their travel online. It takes time and that’s why a lot of people use agencies. The problem is they charge undisclosed commissions, and often have never even been to your destination.  You don’t need to use them anymore. Mr Trippy is the new way to plan and book travel and it beats using an agency.

Want to earn some extra cash? It’s easy. Register now and give it a try.  If you’re a local you can earn money from the comfort of your own home by giving travellers your valuable local knowledge and assisting them with travel services. If you’re a traveller, you could earn extra money while still on holiday which could help fund your accommodation, food or transport!

Pricing Guide

As a guide we suggest the following fee to your consultant:

Fee Description
$15 – $20 Basic requests that take up to an hour to complete.

For example, a local of your destination speaks with you over Skype discussing the best places to stay in your destination, and books you into accommodation once you’ve had time to review options

$30 – $50 For requests that take around 2-3 hours to complete.

For example, a local spends 15 minutes with you on Skype discussing your trip, sends itinerary options for a two week holiday, discusses again on Skype, contacts tour and accommodation providers and makes the bookings for you.

$60 – $100 Complex requests that take 4+ hours to complete.

This could be talking on Skype several times, putting together a full itinerary for a family holiday or complex trip, making recommendations on destinations, sightseeing tours, and attractions. Searching for flights, booking accommodation and transport.

If you’re unsure, just ask us and we’ll suggest a fee.

All funds and personal details will be held securely by Mr Trippy’s finance team. Once the transaction is complete and you’re satisfied, we will release the fee to the consultant.