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You determine the fee, then request anything from researching your trip, through to booking you on an overseas tour, or finding the cheapest flights.

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Get expert advice and booking services from an experienced traveler, a local at your destination or a professional travel consultant.


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Mr Trippy helps locals of developing countries with the chance to earn an income by becoming your travel consultant


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You will get direct contact with a real expert instead of spending hours online searching yourself

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We’ll find a local of your destination or a traveler with experience in your destination to help with any aspect of your travel


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Country: Viet Nam
Consultant type: Local, Professional Travel Consultant
Country: Belgium
Consultant type: Traveler
Country: Myanmar
Consultant type: Local
Country: Australia
Consultant type: Traveler, Local
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I’m a local in Bolivia. Mr Trippy sends me travellers who need me to book them into tours out at the Salt Flats. I make extra cash this way and I can make ends meet.
Georgia Sanders